Pirate Spaceship! (Characters)

In my last post, I began to detail my current project at Imperial College London. Today, I am showing some content from a character creation tool, allowing users of the social world to create their own characters. The end-users will be 8 to 10 years of age, and this is reflected in the art style of the characters.

As is often the case with content published to my blog, this is an early preview of an ongoing development.

All images are Copyright Imperial College London.

Qatar Social Game Character 02

Qatar Social Game Character 02

I mentioned previously that I had developed a stylised shader for exaggerating the specular highlights of metallic surfaces by using a posterisation algorithm (it rounds floating point numbers to the closest integer). The screenshots below serve as examples of the shader’s aesthetic in Unity 4. The product has to run well on lower-end machines so this was a good alternative to using more performance-expensive techniques, such as image-based-lighting or real-time reflections.

Qatar Social Game Character Material 01Qatar Social Game Character Material 02