Himalayan Shack Marmoset Render 02

Wooden Shacks

It has been a while since my last update so I decided to quickly slap-together these Marmoset renders. The final assets will of-course be rendered in UDK and will benefit from all sorts of aesthetic qualities that aren’t possible within Marmoset. For instance, I am going to use a cubemap to fake the presence of a bright, radiant interior. I was inspired to do this while playing Assassin’s Creed III for the first time and noticed that many of the houses appeared to have convincing interiors. I mused that they must be derived from a texture that is transformed in 3D-space. After a little contemplation, I created an inverse cubemap that is sampled in 3D-space against the camera vector.

I have included the texture sheet used by these assets at the bottom of this post, along with screenshots of a few high-poly hard-surfaces made in ZBrush. The texture sheet is of a 4:1 ratio so that it can tile vertically. This format is ideal for graphics cards with plenty of VRAM.

I might do a video tutorial on my architecture workflow now that I feel more confident in my methodology.

Himalayan Shack Marmoset Render 01

Himalayan Shack Marmoset Render 02Himalayan Valley Wooden Shack 3DS Max ScreengrabHimalayan Valley Wooden Shack ZBrush BreakdownHimalayan Valley Wooden Shack ZBrush BreakdownHimalayan Valley Wooden Shack Diffuse Textures