Prayer Wheel Small Marmoset Toolbag Render

Prayer Wheel

Here is a Tibetan prayer wheel that I have been working on today. I thought I would include it in my blog since it is potentially quite interesting from a cultural perspective. A fair amount of artistic license has been given and I cannot vouch for its complete authenticity.

The top and bottom scripts are Ranjana, as used in the Nepali language, Nepal Bhasa, while the script in the middle is Uchen, the standard alphabet of Tibetan.

The scripts all read the same message: ‘om mani padme hum’ — a prayer mantra believed by many South Asian communities to be sacred and encapsulate the teachings of all the Buddhas. Spinning the words on a prayer wheel is said to have the same effect as oral recitation.

The inclusion of gemstones is probably the heaviest use of artistic license. Although turquoise and coral gemstones are indeed often used in Tibetan jewellery and talismans, I doubt that they would be found in a large prayer wheel such as this one.

The asset is modular in the sense that it will fit multiple separate housings and repeat across said housings several times. The normal map and parallax map combination makes the letters appear to extrude outward but the actual mesh is just a simple cylinder.

Prayer Wheel Small Marmoset Toolbag Render

Prayer Wheel Small Texture Sheet