Prayer Wheel Shrine Marmoset Render 02

More Prayer Wheels!

Further to my last post, I have made a new prayer wheel, along with a shrine enclosure in which a person theoretically could stand in order to rotate it. Unfortunately, the lighting in these Marmoset Toolbag preview screenshots has given the assets a rather bland look as much of the vibrancy seems to have been dulled.

Owing to the size of the new prayer wheel, it was feasible to decorate it with fairly intricate patterns. I have managed to achieve a good level of texel resolution through heavy use of tileable textures, all of which are on a single texture sheet so as to reduce draw calls in Unreal Engine.

More Tibetan architecture is to follow shortly. The shrine enclosure was an opportunity for me to experiment with my texturing workflow more-so than anything else, and I anticipate that the quality of my architectural work will vastly increase after I have spent more time experimenting with this new texturing approach.

Prayer Wheel Shrine Marmoset Render 01

Prayer Wheel Shrine Marmoset Render 02Prayer Wheel Shrine Marmoset Render 03Prayer Wheel Shrine Texture Sheet