Himalayan Valley Terrain ZBrush 02

Tibetan Valley: Terrain WIP

This is the terrain I am currently working on in ZBrush. The red arrow indicates the vantage point from which the player can see the rest of the environment. There will be much greenery covering the steep hills of the player’s foreground with scree deposits contrasting against the yellow long-grass on the ground.

The large cluster receding into the background will be a snow covered mountain after some more sculpting. The overall proportions of the terrain are only semi-realistic due to the mountain’s close proximity. This exaggeration won’t be apparent from the ground view.

Himalayan Valley Terrain ZBrush 01

The blue square indicates the area which will utilise UDK’s terrain system. The mountain quadrant may be converted into a low-poly mesh and the other two quadrants entirely erased. I am leaving my options open at this point and will make a decision based upon the performance of the terrain in-engine.

Himalayan Valley Terrain ZBrush 02