maxwell3d Oil Brush Set

CS6 Oil Brush Set

I love dirty, textured oil brushes in both my traditional and digital art. Nothing takes away the ‘synthetic, CG feel’ of a digi-paint like an assortment of simulated oil brushes.I recently made these from high-res photographs I took of actual oil brush strokes. The brush pack is free for anyone to use in pretty much any way; commercial and non-commercial alike.

maxwell3d Oil Brush Set Preview


Please note that I have configured these brushes such that they run smoothly on a hardware-accelerated machine (HD 7950 GPU) using Adobe Photoshop CS6. If you experience performance issues, I advise unchecking ‘Colour Dynamics,’ followed by ‘Scattering’ in the ‘Brush’ panel. If performance issues persist, increasing the ‘Spacing’ value in the ‘Brush Tip Shape’ section will free-up some additional processing overhead.

The settings for each brush aren’t necessarily final. Some brushes currently lack a little character. In the likely event that I make any tweaks or adjustments, I will be sure to post the revisions on this page.

Brush types included in this pack:

  • Fan
  • Knife (Narrow & Medium)
  • Rigger
  • Round (Medium & Broad)
  • Flat (Medium & Broad)
  • Filbert
  • Hog
  • Dry

You can grab a free copy of the brushes here:
[wpdm_package id=’1513′]