Ubisoft In-game Terrain Texture 02

Terrain Textures at Ubisoft

I have been working at Ubisoft Pune for three and a half months now, with technical environment art tasks in our game engine being my main focus.

Since our game hasn’t been announced yet, I am not at liberty to share anything too substantial. In fact, I can’t even talk about the game engine being used! Instead, here are some terrain textures I made for a tropical beach in the game. I have censored-out anything that might reveal too much.

Ubisoft In-game Terrain Texture 01

Ubisoft In-game Terrain Texture 02Ubisoft In-game Terrain Texture 03Ubisoft In-game Terrain Texture 04

I am creating a particle system that scatters debris and small pieces of vegetation across the terrain. When debris are in the distance, they are grouped together (to lower draw-calls), and rendered as camera-facing billboards; as the player moves closer, the billboards are replaced by actual meshes. Unfortunately, I cannot show the particle system here.